May 24, 2018

Business Studies

Aims and Ethos

  • To encourage and develop the ability to see life in an enterprising way
  • To work together collaboratively so as to enhance team skills
  • To develop independence and resilience so that all students are able to take responsibility for their own learning
  • To develop an understanding of different values held by different organisations
  • To encourage positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship and enterprising behaviour.
  • To provide enjoyment and to stimulate their awareness of business.

Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 we hope to encourage and provide different enterprising opportunities for our students. Through Enrichment Clubs, we aim to run enterprising activities that involve students from year 7, 8 and 9. They will be encouraged to trade by making and selling products. This will show the students the importance of branding, promotion and meeting customer needs which are all topics covered in the BTEC studied at KS4.

Key Stage 4
BTEC Business is a qualification that will prepare students for virtually any career by equipping students with financial skills, organisational ability, marketing knowledge and the ability to present ideas clearly. The principles of Business underpin every shop, office and organisation in the UK economy, meaning that students can acquire the skills and knowledge that are valued by employers in every sector.

In year 10 students look at the ways businesses are supported by learning about the equipment processes used on a day to day basis. In addition they will also look at the importance of branding and use their creative skills to brand and promote an idea of their own. These two course units are assessed via a portfolio of evidence.

In year 11 students will learn about the financial side of business including topics such as: costs, revenue, profit, breakeven, cash flow and balance sheets. This is assessed via an online exam. Finally, students put together all of their knowledge and create a business plan for the launch of a small business idea. This makes use of all the knowledge gained and is assessed via a portfolio of evidence.

Key Stage 5
Here at DSTC we offer a Level 3 Applied General course which is assessed via coursework and exam. Students have the opportunity to learn about recruitment, finance and marketing. They will understand the way in which all businesses (big or small) combine these elements in order to achieve their aims and objectives.

We believe in the importance of being able to communicate in a number of ways and make sure students present verbally as part of their studies. In addition written work is also regularly assessed so that students can see how to make further progress.