July 26, 2017


In Y9 you will be making your option choices. The options you choose will affect your curriculum in Y10 and Y11. Your choices will influence your future and which path you are going to follow after Y11. Choosing your options is a great opportunity which will shape your future.

Options Booklets:

Options Book Master 2016 – Rosalind Franklin for website

Options Book Master 2016 – Marie Curie for website

Options Book Master 2016 – Grace Murray Hopper for website

Our next Y9 options evening will take place in the Assembly hall on 07/02/17.

Remember not to make your decisions based on the subjects that your friends take but choose the subjects and courses that you like and that suit you. Think about the subjects you are good at and the ones you enjoy the most. Think about what you want to do in the future and where your skills and interests lie.

Do not hesitate to speak to your Subject teachers, the current Y10 and Y11, the 6th Former students and your family. Go to the library and consult the Careers sections too. You are also encouraged to go and visit our Career Adviser in the Conference room on Wednesdays at lunchtime.

There is a careers fair for Y8. Speakers and Companies are invited to share with our students their area of expertise.
This year we have had the Royal Veterinary College, the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, NWK College, Darent Valley Hospital, Abbott-Murex, the Army, and CXK. Mr Gareth Johnson also came and talked about the importance of education to develop industries, economics and politics.

Our next Careers fair will take place on 22/04/17.



CXK CXK Ltd is a charitable organisation delivering a range of services across the South East to support young people and families to maximise their potential. In particular they provide them with advice, guidance, skills and the confidence that will help them to progress into education, employment and training. Their qualified career experts are knowledgeable about local education and employment opportunities and have access to the latest job trends. services@cxk.org

NCS The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work opportunities. The service offers confidential and impartial advice. This is supported by qualified careers advisers.

The National Careers Service website aims to:
• help you with careers decisions and planning
• support you in reviewing your skills and abilities and develop new goals
• motivate you to implement your plan of action
• enable you to make the best use of high quality career related tools.

National Careers Service