July 22, 2018


Geography is another successful subject within the Humanities Department.
Geography aims to allow students to develop a sense of place and an understanding of a range of contrasting physical and human environments. We hope this will give them an insight into how man interacts with the world. We cover major global issues such as poverty, overpopulation, climate change and globalisation.

Key Stage 3

During Key Stage 3 we develop the core skills needed to study the subject including literacy, numeracy, ICT and analytical writing. We develop social skills through activities that encourage students to express their own opinions and work well within groups.

In Year 7 students will learn to:

  • Establish where they live and its place in the world
  • Recognise the major physical and human features of the British Isles
  • Understand where and why man chose to settle down
  • Assess our role with in Europe and our place in the world




In Year 8 students will look at what physical processes have shaped our planet and how we react to them

  • Study of rivers and flooding
  • Look at earthquakes and volcanoes – they formation and effects
  • A study of the world’s weather

In Year 9 students will look more closely on the affect man has on his environment

  • Study of ecosystems (focusing on the rainforest)
  • Contrasts in development between rich and poor countries
  • Sustainability – the possible futures for our planet

 Key stage 4

At Key stage 4 we revisit some of the key areas studied at KS3 but with a greater emphasis on the global causes and effects.

The students are examined in four areas:

  • The Natural Environment
  • Human Geography
  • Skills and Sustainability
  • Fieldwork investigations

Key Stage 5

The Geography department is also able to offer an A level that explores some of the major environmental issues that affect our planet.  We look at key resources such as energy, water and biodiversity.  We study the balance of power around the globe, the distribution of wealth and the problems this can cause.

Natural Hazards and Climate change are investigated and the possible technological fixes are evaluated.


There are elements of learning outside the classroom both within KS4 and KS5.  The department also tries to offer trips to inspire students to investigate and appreciate the world around them.  Recent trips have included residential visits to Iceland and Sicily.