May 24, 2018

Health and Social Care

Vocational learning: Health and Social Care:

• To develop excellence and resilience in vocational learners so that all students are able to take responsibility for their own learning
• To promote employability and enterprise skills so that all students are able to graduate from DSTC as
• To develop collaborative learning opportunities to help each other to make progress
• To develop independence and resilience
• To develop an understanding of different cultures and values
• To encourage positive attitudes towards diversity and develop a critical understanding of employment legislation
• To uphold professional values in work related learning

Key stage 4
At Key stage 4 the following course are offered:

BTEC First Health and Social Care
In yr 10 students will learn about:

Unit 1: Human Growth and Development – what are the different factors that affect how we grow and develop through our life stages?

Unit 2: Health and Social Care Values – what are the skills care workers need to empower service users?

In Yr 11 students will learn about:
What are the effects of socialisation on health and wellbeing throughout the UK? We will discuss the importance of both Primary and Secondary socialisation and the impact this can have on individuals.

We will then go on to investigate the effects of social factors on the health and wellbeing of individuals. After Christmas we will find out different types of health promotion that are used to benefit the health and wellbeing of individuals and the nation, and how specific health risks can be helped through the implementation of health promotions.

Health and Social care level 3
National extended certificate/Diploma

Department: Vocational
Exam Board –  Edexcel

What are the entry requirements: 5 A* –C GCSE English or BTEC equivalent.
How is this course assessed?

All BTEC courses from 2016 have both External exam and internal assessments.

The BTEC level 3 extended certificate in H&SC is a 1:5 hours written exam (unit 1) plus 2 other units, one which will be externally assessed and the other which will be internally assessed.
The BTEC level 3 Diploma in H&SC includes the assessments above, plus 2 other internally assessed units.
The BTEC level 3 extended certificate is equivalent to 1 A level. You will complete 3 compulsory units

Unit 1- Human Lifespan and development.
This is a 1:30 hour examined unit which will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of patterns of human growth and development. You will explore the key aspects of growth and development, and the experience of health and wellbeing.

This content will serve as an introduction to health and social care needs and so will sit at the heart of the qualification.

Unit 2 Working in Health and social care
This unit will explore the different jobs and careers that are available within Health and social care; it will also focus on the needs of the individual and the role of the professionals.

Unit 6  Meeting individual care and support in H&S
In this unit you will learn about the values and principles of meeting care and support needs and look at some of the ethical issues that arise when personalising care. In this unit you will draw on your learning from across your programme to complete assessment tasks.