May 24, 2018



BTEC Sport

We currently run the Edexcel BTEC Sport Level 2.
It involves studying fours units, three which are coursework based and one which is an online external exam unit.

  • Unit 1 Fitness Testing and Training – External Online Test
  • Unit 2 Practical Sport
  • Unit 7 Planning and Leading Sports Activities
  • Unit 11 Development of Personal Fitness

We have chosen these Units to try and make the course as practical as possible, whilst also allowing pupils to learn about sports, fitness and leadership.

Sporty Stars Scheme:
In KS3 pupils can get rewarded for attending any of the PE and Dance clubs. They have a sporty stars page (p19) in their planners and they can get a signature for every club they attend. After every 20 they get an award and these vary from certificates, to sports vouchers, places on PE trips and sports equipment of their choice.

Sports Ambassadors
Pupils can apply to become Sports Ambassadors for a term. This is a role for Year 7 and 8 where they offer to help out the PE department in break and lunchtimes with equipment, displays and general organisation. They receive a special t-shirt and badge as recognition that they can wear with pride. Six girls from each year group are selected throughout the academic year.

Leadership Schemes
In year 9 we ask if pupils wish to apply to be Sports leaders. This enables them to be assistant coach to either a teacher of a club coach at an after school activity. They will be give some activities to lead and give them knowledge and confidence to maybe do a sporting qualification or the CSLA later in School.

In Year 10 we run the Sky Living Sports Living for Sport leadership programme. This is a unit of work where we show pupils how to plan and lead sessions for any age activities. Pupils then get the chance to lead their peers and receive certificates for their achievements. Sky Sports sne d an athlete mentor in to meet these pupils and hopefully encourgae them to further develop their leadership in school, sport or life.

In the Sixth form there is the option to take CSLA as an enrichment. Throigh this course the pupils gain a recognised qualification for their CV and help organise school events and help out in the community.