November 15, 2018

Religious Education


AIMS AND ETHOS (incorporating co-operative values of self-help, Self-responsibility, Democracy, equality, equity and solidarity)

  • To develop an ability to investigate and interpret significant religious, philosophical and ethical issues
  • To develop their own values and attitudes in the light of learning about religion
  • To develop an ability to reflect on and express their own opinions
  • To develop the skills of listening, communicating and empathising
  • To develop a sensitive awareness and understanding of the beliefs of others
  • To develop independence and resilience so that all students are able to take responsibility for their own learning
  • To develop an understanding of different cultures
  • To develop an awareness of the mysteries of life and the profound questions raised by human experience
  • To work together collaboratively to help each other to make progress

 Key Stage 3

During Key stage 3 we develop the core skills needed to study the subject through the use of precise and concise literacy, analytical and descriptive writing and the use of numeracy and IT . We develop social skills through carefully structured activities that encourage students to express their own opinions and work well within groups. We cater for all learning styles and offer a wide range of different activities.

In Year 7 students will learn to:

  • Evaluate the significance the founders of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Sikhism
  • The main beliefs
  • The importance of Holy Week and Easter
  • Prejudice and discrimination

In Year 8 students will learn to

  • Understand the development of Christianity and denominations
  • Compare Rites of Passage in the major faiths
  • Evaluate the importance of famous Christians

In Year 9 students will learn to

  • Compare and contrast beliefs about important ethical issues
  • Assess if there is a God and why there is suffering
  • Evaluate the contribution of religion to environmental issues

Key stage 4

At Key stage 4 we look at the Philosophical issues in Hinduism and Christianity and Ethical issues in Christianity