July 26, 2017

Summer School

Dartford Science & Technology College – Summer School 2016

83% of the new intake took up the opportunity to attend Summer School. It ran from Monday 22nd August to Wednesday 24th August. The students were involved in a large number of team building games and various craft activities over the week, sometimes in small groups and sometimes as a whole group. Activities included brain gym, bag design, wishing tree, clay (Bowl of Light),ICT, drama, cooking, speed stacking, a Maths Smartie Investigation, bench ball, photo-booth, dance, bracelets, collage and a Photographic Task about their new Environment Sixth form students as well as being excellent role models, supported the girls in all their activities. Some of these activities gave them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new school environment.

The students were able to meet staff and many of the Support team who they will come into daily contact with once they start in the new term. Several of the School Governors attended various sessions to chat to the students and see how they were spending their time.

Parents and carers were invited to attend a short informal workshop on Wednesday afternoon. This session was led by Vice Principal, Mrs Kelly, the focus being to help parents feel comfortable about approaching the school with any questions or concerns they may have around transition but also to encourage future involvement and long term interest in their daughter’s education.

“Hannah really enjoyed her 3 days at DSTC in preparation for starting in year 7. She enjoyed all of the activities and made lots of new friends. Hannah is now more confident and looking forward to starting school”