June 6, 2020

Community Day 20th July

Dear Parents,

As you know the 20th July is our second Community Day. The day runs from 10am to 2pm. Just a few reminders.

1. The students now have their placements and have been given opportunity to switch so no further changes can be made.
2. Students are to make their own way to placements for 10am and will make their own way home at 2pm.
3. If a student is absent on the day please call the school: 01322 224309 and press option 1. Please note that medical evidence will be need to be supplied or the absence will be unauthorised.
4. If your daughter has free school meals then the staff member will bring that to the placement.
5. Please make sure that any medication is bought with the student to the placement.
6. The lead teacher will be advising on suitable clothing however please make sure students wear the T-shirts that they will be given. Also the weather will not affect any placement however it may affect the clothing that they choose to bring.
7. For safety all staff will have the contact and medical details you supplied.
8. In the unlikely event of any behaviour issues the lead teacher will call you to collect your daughter. If this is not possible a senior member of staff will pick them up and return them to school.

Once again thank you for your support. This will be a great, memorable day that will make a difference to both the students and the groups that we help.

Please do email or call me if you have any further questions.


Mr Dix