August 4, 2020

Introduction of ‘Smart Cards’ at DSTC

Dear Parent/Carer

In order to ensure outstanding behaviour around the College we are introducing a Smart Card. This is to embed the good behaviour that we have come to expect in lessons at break time, lunchtime and between lessons.

Every student will be issued with a Smart Card that they must carry with them at all times. If a member of staff finds that a student is not wearing the correct uniform or is behaving in an inappropriate manner, they will be issued with a ‘strike’ on their Smart Card. If a student receives five strikes then an appropriate sanction will be given.

Students will receive a new card every term and to encourage positive behaviour, any student who has no strikes on their card will receive a reward.

If there are any issues regarding uniform please can you contact your daughter’s Pastoral Leader as soon as possible so a time limited pass can be issued. This is to prevent your daughter being unduly penalised, whilst you endeavour to correct the issue.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact your daughter’s Pastoral LLeader. Contact details can be found below.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Anne Davis

Pastoral Leaders
Mrs Yvonne Harrison, Years 7 and 8:
Mrs Dawn Aldous, Years 9 and 10:
Mrs Lorna Sutton, Year 11: