August 4, 2020

World Book Day

Dear Parent/Carer

World Book Day Thursday 2″d March 2017

As you may be aware World Book Day is on Thursday 2″d March 2017 and we wish to celebrate this by encouraging students to dress up in the following ways: dress up as a Tutor group basing outfits on one novel; individual dressing up as a strong female or male character from literature; alternatively students are allowed to wear their own clothes, although students are not permitted to wear outfits which show their midriff nor short fitting outfits or ripped jeans.

Monies raised will go towards books for the Library, prizes for the competitions which are: 1) dressing up, 2) Write a short story and 3) Design a book cover, as well as pay for the visiting author, Ann Cassidy, who is coming in to speak with some of our KS3 and KS4 students.

All we ask is that your son/daughter pays £1.00 as they enter the school on Thursday 2″d March 2017; we hope to raise as much money as we can and have fun in the process. In the past this day has been hugely successful and it would be wonderful to see student’s creativity in their costume selection.

Lessons will continue as normal throughout the day and students still need to bring books, PE kit and equipment for learning. They will also need to bring reading material with them as there will be the opportunity for some silent reading in some lessons.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing your son/daughter as their favourite character.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Diane Garrett
English Teacher and Leader of Literacy