May 26, 2020


Dear Parent/Carer
DSTC to become a NUT FREE and AEROSOL FREE ZONE with immediate effect

At DSTC we have a number of students who have severe, and in some cases, life-threatening allergies to nuts and/or aerosols. In particular for one of our students, if she comes into any contact with any type of nuts or aerosol (e.g. deodorant or hairspray), either directly or indirectly (even by touching someone who themselves has been eating/using them), then this student’s breathing will rapidly deteriorate and immediate medical attention will be needed. Staff have been trained in administering an ‘Epi-Pen’ should such an incident occur but we would obviously like to avoid the risk of this ever happening and putting one of our students at serious risk of harm.

To this end, I ask for your co-operation in making the school a ‘Nut and Aerosol Free Zone’. Any food sent into school must not contain nuts of any kind. Any packaging that says “may contain traces of nuts” or other similar comments, would be OK to bring into school as they are of much less risk to students with allergies. If students wish to bring deodorant into school this must be of a non-aerosol type (e.g. roll on.)

I am aware of the inconvenience that checking labels and ingredients may cause, however, I am sure that you can appreciate the importance of this request. I trust that everyone will join the staff, catering service and cleaning team in making DSTC as safe as possible for all.

If you do have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact Ms Cane, Vice Principal.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely
Ms Ann Cane
Vice Principal