June 5, 2020

Parking at DSTC

Dear Parents/Carers

Parking at DSTC

As the number of students increases at DSTC, so do the number of parents bringing students to school and collecting them at the end ofthe day.

The Governors are seriously concerned about a number of issues that have arisen in the past and are becoming more prevalent. They have asked me to monitor the situation on a weekly basis and advise on this as a Health & Safety issue.

At this point I am hopeful that with greater awareness of the problem, greater empathy from parents and a willingness by all to obey the traffic rules for DSTC, we can avoid this.

To be clear- these are non-negotiables that parents entering the site must abide by:

  1. Drive at no more than 5 mph whilst on site.
  2. Only park in a vacant bay.
  3. Turn around and leave the site if no parking bay is available.
  4. Only park in a disabled bay if the student being collected has a disability.
  5. Be polite to staff trying to support a safe flow of traffic on site.
  6. Not double park.
  7. Avoid coming on site to collect students whenever possible. Try to meet elsewhere.
  8. Never walk through the middle of the car park, please use the sidewalk.
  9. Do not park on corners or grass verges.

I enclose our up to date Parking Policy that was ratified yesterday by Governors and comes into effect immediately.

DSTC Parking Policy September 2017

Yours sincerely

Mrs Anne Davis