July 8, 2020

Winter Readiness

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Students

As winter approaches, it is important that we are all reminded and updated on important health considerations for those at school.

Students and staff in schools are particularly susceptible to infections which increase over the winter months, such as seasonal influenza (flu) and stomach infections (such as norovirus). These can be very infectious and can cause outbreaks in school settings due to the close contact amongst students and staff. The spread of these illnesses can be limited by improving infection control practices within the school.

We ask that during the winter months all staff, students and visitors are more vigilant in their use of usual hygienic practices such as washing hands after using the toilet and before meals. We also recommend the motto

Catch it Bin it Kill it

…when coughing or sneezing, that is to say Catch it in a tissue, Bin it as soon as possible and then wash your hands to Kill it.

We want students to be at school whenever possible through illnesses unless these are infectious. To this end, parents are reminded to exclude their child from school if they have symptoms of flu or diarrhoea and/or vomiting.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Anne Davis