October 1, 2020

Exceptional Teachers at DSTC

Dear Parents and Carers

I am writing to let you know about some exceptional teachers at DSTC.  I believe that all of the teachers at DSTC are worthy of commendation but there are two that have been recognised for their work by national awarding bodies.

You may already know from reading our last newsletter that Mr Thomas Nyaku was nominated for Kent Teacher of the Year and won the Dartford and Gravesham nomination. The awards ceremony took place last Friday and I am delighted to announce that Mr Nyaku also won overall Kent Maths Teacher of the Year 2019!










Secondly, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Mrs Joanna Donegan-Edwards has been shortlisted for WeAreTheCity’s Rising Star Awards. These awards have been set up for amazing women in the pipeline across all professions.  There were a record number of entries this year, with every single category being oversubscribed with amazing nominations from across the UK and Northern Ireland. Well done to Joanna for getting through to the shortlist stage and on all her achievements to date, we are exceptionally proud of you.








Parents, carers and students – your votes are needed to support Mrs Donegan-Edwards to win!  A public vote is open now until 31st May 2019. You can visit the Rising Stars website (Rising Starts Shortlist) to understand more about the awards and to see her see her picture and bio. To vote you can click on the link Joanna Donegan-Edwards – Dartford Science and Technology College.

It is wonderful to note such exceptional talent at DSTC and we continue to attract and recruit high calibre teachers at all levels of their careers.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Anne Davis