July 9, 2020

Maths Letter

Dear Parent / Carer

At DSTC we are committed to ensuring students are best prepared for every stage of their education including their examinations in Year 11.  

67% of the new Mathematics GCSE requires students to be able to effectively use a scientific calculator.  In order for students to become fluent in calculator use, it is essential they have the opportunity to become familiar with one.

A scientific calculator forms part of the essential daily equipment every student needs in order to be prepared for the school day. Your daughter will greatly benefit from having her own high quality calculator in her Maths lessons but also in other subjects such as Science and Geography.

To assist with this requirement, Logik 83XP scientific calculators are available to purchase from the Maths Department at a reduced cost of £7.00.  If you should wish to purchase your calculator elsewhere, please opt for the Casio fx 85GT X wherever possible. This calculator is available from many local retailers such as Asda Living for a cost of approximately £12.    

If you should wish to purchase a Logik calculator, the payment should be made via ParentPay.  If you do not have an account, please email itsupport@dstc.kent.sch.uk for a login and password.  If you do not have internet access, please contact the college office.

In addition, please can you complete the slip below, and return to me in A003.

Yours faithfully

M Hall

Mrs M Hall – Director of Learning Mathematics


Please return to Mrs Hall, Mathematics Department, A003

I would like to purchase a calculator for ________________________ 

in tutor group_______        Paid by ParentPay /Paid by cheque (Please delete)

(Please make any cheques payable to Dartford Science and Technology College)

Signed _____________________________ (parent/carer)


Letter to Parents