September 18, 2020

Message from the Principal

Dear parents/carers,
Thank you for your understanding with our staggered start, use of the Car Park and providing packed lunches where possible. The start of term has been exceptional with attendance and students complying with the new routines and zoning.

I now need your help with a few more issues that have occurred since our return:
The first is parents coming to school to drop off forgotten items such as Lab coats. We respectfully ask that unannounced visits to drop anything at school are now stopped unless in an emergency – for example to bring in medicine. We will not punish students for forgetting items on the odd occasion. 

The second is in relation to school uniforms – students need to be in correct uniform and this includes PE kit. Please let the relevant Pastoral Lead know if there is an issue with a piece of your daughter’s uniform. Some students are trying to bend the rules or play parents off against teachers.

Next is that some of the older students are wearing makeup/false nails and false eyelashes – none of which is appropriate to school and learning and none of which is acceptable. Please ensure your daughter understands this rule, discreet makeup will not be picked up but overt/noticeable make up will, as will painted or false/long nails and fake eyelashes.

Finally I need to mention jewellery. It has always been the policy that students can only wear a pair of stud earrings (one in each ear) and a watch. This remains the case. No bracelets/necklaces/ rings or face piercings are allowed – nor have they ever been. 
Staff will ask students to comply with the above and if there is still an issue then it is likely your daughter will be sent home to rectify it. Having had a long time away from school this is clearly not something any of us really want to do but my staff have the right to expect students to stick to the rules. 

The majority of girls do stick to the rules and are a credit to both parents and DSTC, 

Thank you once again for your support,

With regards,  
Anne Davis Principal