July 6, 2020

Art and Design

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We will constantly strive to achieve excellence by:

  • Being dedicated to serving our stakeholders
  • Working as a team
  • Learning, changing and improving
  • Focusing on the results
  • Working with integrity


This year was our most successful yet, our Key Stage 3 results were 98% level 5 and above, our GCSE results were 85% A-C and 100% A-D.

This represents an improvement of 35% over the last 2 years


This year students are working towards 2 units of work, the themes are as follows;

  • Year 8: Culture & Still Life
  • Year 9: Abstract & Portrait
  • GCSE: Natural Form & Man Made

During the Autumn Term we visited Kew gardens with year 10, they were able to complete a number of observational drawings for development back at school.

This year our year 11 students will visit the Tate Modern to research artists for their GCSE exam In February.

This year has also seen the introduction of our Gifted & Talented work shops, this is by invitation only. Currently 15 year 9 students have worked hard to devlop their skills & techniques to produce some wonderful ceramics.