August 4, 2020


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  • To encourage students to work independently to improve performance skills.
  • To develop self – discipline, self – confidence and social skills.
  • To improve oracy and evaluation skills.
  • To develop the ability to work as part of a team.
  • To introduce students to a variety of dance genres, developing an understanding of dance cultures.
  • To provide a range of challenging and stimulating opportunities for students who want to further their knowledge in dance.
  • To provide an inclusive environment where students are safe to develop their own creative ideas.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 and 8 – Year 8 dance lessons will develop a students rhythm, co-ordination, choreography and performance skills through a variety of practical activities. Students will explore a wide variety of dance genres including Rock N Roll, Bollywood, Jazz, Contemporary and Street dance. Students are encouraged to perform their work each term in a safe and supported environment, giving and receiving feedback and self-evaluating their own progress.

Dance at DSTC develops student’s self-confidence as well as their ability to work with others. Students can be proud of the work that they produce and are encouraged to extend their learning by participating in the extra – curricular dance activities provided by the school. These include dance clubs and the School Musical.

Year 9 – Students in year 9 will be assessed on their choreography and performance skills throughout the year. Students will experience a wide variety of dance styles including Charleston, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Dance battles. Students will also participate in ensemble dance work developing their musicality, timing and spatial awareness.

Students are encouraged to experiment with a number of different choreographic devises during lessons as well as developing a theoretical understanding of dance through observation of professional dance works. Year 9 lessons are predominantly practical sessions that encourage a student to develop their own creativity and dance skills.

Key stage 4

Students who choose to study Dance at KS4 will be entered for the Btec First Award in Performing Arts Dance. Students are assessed on their ability to perform as part of an ensemble, work in groups to choreograph dance pieces, Create dance work for a music video, perform for audition and observe and evaluate dance work.

Unit 1 Exploring the performing arts;

Dance Students will study professional dance works from a minimum of three dance genres with reference to famous practitioners work. They will research each dance style, understanding key features and specific skills required for each. Learning repertoire and developing routines for a performance.

Unit 2 Developing skills and techniques in the performing arts

Students will prepare dance work for a performance/audition. They will participate in a series of workshops and rehearsals that will develop skills and techniques as a dancer. Dance students will Learn, rehearse and perform a piece of professional repertoire, reviewing own progress and final performance.

Learn, rehearse and perform a piece of professional repertoire and review their own development.

Unit 3 Performing to a Brief;

This component asks students to draw on the knowledge and skills they have developed throughout the course and to apply them in response to a set task. Students will participate in collaborative creative work, developing their ability to work as part of a team as well as to individually contribute to a group performance. Evaluation activities such as group discussion and feedback on performance work will aid their development of evaluative skills.