September 18, 2020

Citizenship and Values Education


Citizenship and Values Education at DSTC

What is it about?

The Citizenship and Values (CVE) programme at DSTC incorporates the subject areas of Citizenship and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE). The core themes are drawn from each subject area to the extent illustrated on the spectrum below. They overlap and complement each other as progress is made through the curriculum.

Personal, Social and Health Education.

PSHE brings together personal, social and health education, work-related learning plus sex and relationships education (SRE). The programmes of study are based on the Every Child Matters outcomes and build on the existing frameworks and guidelines in these areas.


Citizenship education is about equipping pupils with the knowledge and skills needed for effective and democratic participation. It helps pupils to become informed, critical, active citizens who have the confidence and conviction to work collaboratively, take action and try to make a difference in their communities and the wider world.

Child protection and safeguarding are key themes throughout Citizenship and PSHE, including specific focus in lesson time.


Students in year 7 and 8 enjoy a single lesson a week of CVE. The subject is part of the Humanities faculty which is led by Mr Patt. Special responsibility for CVE in year 7 and 8 is led by Mrs Gibbs. CVE for KS4 and 5 is provided through assemblies and form times. Specific days of learning, including external speakers and providers will be administered for each year group to focus on staying safe and SRE.


CVE KS3 Overview