June 6, 2020

DSTC Press Pack

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DSTC Alumni Event

On Tuesday 31st March 2015, Dartford Science and Technology College were host to their first ever school reunion. After a lot of preparation, the evening was here and 200 ex-students were reunited. It was a great evening, enjoyed by all. Cheese and wine were provided to make the evening even more special. Many ex-students found it an amazing experience of which they would love to experience again.

Students stated that it was fantastic to ‘catch up’ with some old friends and share some nostalgic memories from their time at DSTC. They also suggested that this event should be replicated for future generations, this is because they had an amazing time said that the event was a prime opportunity to reunite with old friends and share stories about their present lives.

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DSTC Alumni Event

Project Co-operation:

It has been a milestone for Dartford Science and Technology College this week; they have become part of a co-operative trust. Therefore, they decided to celebrate this via a launch day consisting of fun, team-building activities for the younger years and an open afternoon for co-operative members and parents. Students from year 7 and 9 participated in team-building activities run by a select group of sixth form sport leaders – this allowed them to improve their sense of solidarity in a fun, healthy way.

In addition, year 7s had the opportunity to pull a tractor – this allowed them to gain team-work skills and strategise co-operatively and resiliently in order to be able to perform the task in hand.

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Co-operative Launch Press Pack

7s at school and in the library

Year 7s around the school gave the Press Pack some opinions on what they like about DSTC.
A few year 7s said that DSTC is different from primary school but in a positive way. They said that they liked the lessons and how the classes are not overcrowded. They said that it felt weird when they were in primary school because they were some of the oldest people in the school, but now they are the youngest year, it seems like they are the reception again.
Thanks to the year 7 tutors on the first week, the year 7s now know their way around and know where their classes are.

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7s at school

7’s in Science

Year 7s gave the Press Pack information about what they liked about science.
All year 7s like the fact that the science lessons are more fun at secondary school because they can do experiments as well as written work.
The experiments can be done independently and also in a group which makes it both challenging and engaging.
The year 7s have fun when the Bunsen burners are out, but they still make sure that no one is caught on fire! The science teachers have fun teaching the year 7s and look forward to teaching them as they progress through the school. The lessons will become more interesting, the chemicals will become more dangerous but the year 7s cannot wait!

By Toni Parsons

Year 7 – Starting Afresh

Year 7s at Dartford Science and Technology College are settling into their first few weeks of secondary school. After a nerve-racking start, they are now beginning to integrate into new friendship circles and develop a better understanding of different expectations in a secondary school. 7sStartingAfresh
They also stated that their initial experience of DSTC has been an eye-opener; they claimed that secondary school is “more challenging and disciplined” yet, it is very “enjoyable” and allows them to begin to mature and “feel like young adults”.

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Year 7 – Starting Afresh

Wear it Pink!

Every year, in October, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. On the 24th October it will be ‘Wear it Pink’ day. The charity aspires to find a cure for Breast Cancer by 2050.
In order to help to raise money for Cancer Research UK, the pupils at DSTC are going to wear pink and donate £1. Last year, £2.1 million was raised across the country. Breast Cancer awareness month helps to educate people about the symptoms and to seek help as early as possible.

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Wear it Pink

National Language Day!

We spoke to a selection of year 7 and 8 students who participated in the National Languages Day at DSTC and asked them for their opinions on why learning a language is important. The most important reason given was to be able to converse with others when they went on holiday abroad. They said that it helped them interact with other people without having to worry about the language barrier.

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National language day