June 6, 2020


Specialist Status

Dartford Science and Technology College has had specialist status since 1997 and is committed to excellence. The College aims to provide high quality learning and teaching in an environment that is positive and conducive to learning.
We believe that our extranet provides an extra dimension to the learning that takes place within the College. Please take time to explore the resources and learning materials that are available for students and parents.


As part of our anti-bullying strategy, the College Council have set up a support e-mail address. Students can use this to discuss any problems they are having. Any e-mails sent will be handled by 6th form members of the College Council, supervised by Mrs Sutton. Email lorna.sutton@dstc.kent.sch.uk

Aim for Excellence

The College aims for excellence, to be achieved through the provision of a diverse curriculum, of which the key objectives are to:

  1. Provide a high quality learning community
  2. Raise the achievement of all students in partnership with all stakeholders
  3. Create and maintain an environment which is positive and conducive
    to learning
  4. Create an ethos which values learning and establishes it as lifelong activity
  5. Foster positive relationships with students, parents, staff and the wider community
  6. Ensure equal opportunities are embedded in all that the college does
  7. Generate a climate in which innovation and risk taking is valued
  8. Promote high standards of behaviour to value the worth of all within the learning community
  9. Encourage a curriculum rich in culture, where morality is valued, so that students are well prepared for the contemporary world
  10. Develop and promote learning partnerships with other schools