June 6, 2020

Creative Opening Minds

Creative Opening minds is a cross curricular course incorporating Art, Dance and Music. The course is delivered to  year 7 students and is taught by subject specialists. We cover a range of themes including Orchestral music, modern dance styles, Singing, drumming, Carnival Dance, self-portrait drawing,  figure sculpture and African mask making. The themes are designed to cover a wide variety of skills and techniques whilst encouraging students to use their personal talents and gain confidence.

In Dance, students will choreograph a wide range of dances to a variety of music like ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ‘The lion King’. They work in groups or pairs and focus on skills like timing, levelling and using a range of complex movements to improve the quality of their dances.

In Art, we concentrate on Portrait, Landscape and Still life. We aim to build up students’ knowledge of line drawing , shading, colour mixing, sculpture and proportions. We work from photos and from observation and look at the work of relevant artists from around the world so that we can build up a portfolio of work ready for year 8.

The Music curriculum includes studying the instruments of the orchestra, rhythm work on the drums, singing in harmony, reading and writing notation and composing pieces of their own. The girls get to use a wide range of instruments and there are plenty of opportunities to extend their learning in clubs after school and tuition during the day.

We start a new project every six weeks and they are linked across the three specialisms, an example of this could be creating an African headdress in Art using collage skills to be worn in their Dance performances whilst some girls create drumming rhythms to be played at the same time.

The course is designed to be very engaging and enjoyable whilst giving students  lots of opportunities to work to their strengths and interests.