October 1, 2020

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

At Dartford Science and Technology College we aim to deliver a rich and varied curriculum to all students at all stages of their education. Our curriculum promotes Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural values and embraces the Cooperative principles that underlie the ethos of our school.
We aim to provide stimulating and challenging lessons that are differentiated to support, stretch and challenge individual students. There is a strong focus on English, Mathematics, Science and Technology but this is complemented by our Creative and Performance subjects, the Social Sciences and Languages.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to provide all students with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of subjects and to fulfil their potential whatever their ability. It also helps them to prepare for the important choices that they will need to make at Key Stage 4 and beyond.

At Key Stage 4 students continue to study core subjects but in addition they are able to follow a more personalised pathway by choosing option subjects from the Social Sciences and Creative/ Performance faculties.

In 2019 we were able to offer Year 9 students the following options:

Our options subjects are reviewed every year. For more information contact karen.lea@dstc.kent.sch.uk

At Key Stage 5 we offer traditional A level subjects alongside Vocational courses. We also offer a variety of extracurricular choices. Our aim is that by the time students leave Dartford Science and Technology College they will be resilient and confident learners and responsible citizens.

Core Subject Intervention (C.S.I) and Enrichment

Students are invited to attend Core Subject Intervention sessions after school to support and extend the learning which has taken place in the classroom. This has proved to be invaluable in enabling students to reach their full potential.

The sessions run in termly blocks of 5, 6, or 7 weeks (depending on the length of the term). If your daughter is invited to attend a Core Subject Intervention session, it is important that she attends on a regular basis to enable her to make the most of this valuable opportunity.

We also offer a variety of Enrichment clubs (E. Clubs) and Sports activities across all Key Stages.