September 18, 2020



“Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated. Science, for me, gives a partial explanation for life. In so far as it goes, it is based on fact, experience and experiment.”
Rosalind Franklin

Incorporating and developing social, moral, spiritual and cultural skills through the use of communication, respect and empathy, combined with the opportunity to develop scientific and practical skills through the use of independent thinking skills and resilience among students so that students are well prepared for the contemporary world.

  • To create a scientific innovative culture to maximise success in all students.
  • To empower students to act responsibly and to work effectively both independently and in a collaborative environment.
  • To develop independence, resilience and persistence, encouraging students to take appropriate risks and supporting students to learn from their mistakes.
  • To foster a culture of teamwork that encourages mutual support, open and honest collaboration and sharing of ideas in an unbiased environment.
  • To celebrate the diverse achievements of scientists from different backgrounds and to develop an understanding of different cultures in science.
  • To provide a safe and enjoyable environment that is conducive to learning, supportive and respectful for all students.
  • To guide our students to understand how they can both shape their own futures and the world around them.
  • To develop awareness and sensitivity for the nature and environment.
  • To provide opportunities for our students to develop scientific and practical skills in an out of school context and to put these skills into practice.
  • To promote a spiritual and moral awareness in our pupils based on the values of respect, empathy and kindness, developing a sense of service to the school community and beyond.

Key Stage 3

We follow the new key stage 3 national curriculum which we teach over 2 years.

In Year 7, topics covered in the new KS3 Schemes of Learning include:
sc1Text book

  • Collins key stage 3 student book 1 Harper Collins publisher.
  • Collins key stage 3 student book 2 Harper Collins publisher.

Revision guide
Collins key stage 3 revision science.
All in one revision. Harper Collins publishers.

Internet sites
KS3 Science Coordinator: Mrs S Reynolds (

Key assessment dates for KS3 science
We do an assessment at the end of each topic. These are used by the class teacher to check progress within a topic. We also use end of year exams to check progress made over the year and to review class sets.