September 18, 2020

Level 3 Criminology

Level 3 Criminology: Exam board – Eduqas

This course investigates different types of crime take place in our society and what kinds of crime exist. It covers key questions such as: How do we decide what behaviour is criminal? What are the roles of personnel involved when a crime is detected? If you are interested in a career in the police force, legal professions or forensic sciences or if you are interested to know more about the new exciting subject of Criminology then this is the perfect course for you.

Criminology is a course that combines the subjects of Psychology, Law, Politics and Forensic Science to form a new discipline of its own. It has long been established at university level and is now being offered to post 16 students.

Year 1: Unit 1 (Coursework) – Changing awareness of crime

You will have gained the skills to plan a campaign for change in relation to crime; for example to raise awareness, change attitudes or change reporting behaviour.

Year 1 Unit 2 (Exam) – Criminological Theories

You will learn to support, challenge and evaluate expert opinion and be able to support your ideas with reliable and factual evidence.

Year 2 Unit 3 (Coursework) – Crime scene to courtroom

Review the trial process and assess whether the aims of the criminal justice system have been met. You will be able to assess the use of lay people in determining the fate of a suspect and evaluate the criminal trial process from crime scene to courtroom.

Year 2 Unit 4 (Exam) – Crime & Punishment

Learn something of the complex system of mechanisms, processes and organisations to ensure that people do not break the law, how they work and their effectiveness in preventing and protecting us from criminality.