July 8, 2020

Parent Governor Ballot

Hello and welcome to the Parent Governor poll. Please read the candidates statements and then make a vote in the poll below.  Note: You can only vote once.

Candidate 1:

Leslie Gunasekara
My family have been part of Dartford for over 60 years. My grandfather was a GP for Dartford and my father has been an engineer for over 50 years and worked in Dartford all his life. I myself was born in West Hill Hospital ( which unfortunately now is a housing estate) and went to West Hill Primary School ( which both my daughters went to and is going to) and they both represented my house ( St Patrick) I then went to Dartford West Boys School ( I was glad that Hayley picked DSTC and we went to three open days, I reminisced by seeing part of the Boys school now part of the girls school) I then left Dartford to study and get a degree in Biochemistry at Aberystwyth University.

I then went on to have a fantastic career in engineering (project/programme manager) working in Aerospace and Defence (as well as dipping into Automotive like F1) and until two years ago had set up life in Cambridge. I had the opportunity to return back to Dartford and jumped at the opportunity, as heart is where the home is (and my heart is firmly set in Dartford)

The reason for putting myself forward as a parent governor for DSTC is that I have worked in new technologies for the majority of my career and can bring outside companies / guest speakers into the school as well as help the school find interesting firms to visit. I also owe my fantastic work and home life to Dartford and feel the need to give back what great opportunities I had and have.

Many thanks for your time.
Les Gunasekara

Candidate 2:

Matt Watts
I believe that I would be a good parent governor, and I will do my best to help make the students time at the DSTC the most challenging, rewarding and enjoyable experience on their journey through secondary school as they become young adults.
I am keen to help encourage students to learn and to improve their skills where possible, and if necessary to help review and consider any suggestions or improvements, that the school may benefit from.
My daughter is a keen learner and strives to be the best at everything she takes part in, as I do. I am pleased my daughter is part of the DSTC and I want to help her, along with all other students to be the best they can academically and enjoy school life as much as possible.

As an experienced professional working within the construction industry and having successfully project managed the planning/design and construction of a variety of schools and leisure centres throughout Kent, London Borough’s and Essex, including nursery, infant, and secondary schools, I feel this experience helps me to have a better understanding of what benefits modern day schools and how they can operate on a day to day basis.
If I were to be elected as a parent governor, I believe I would be able to positively contribute in the role and be a benefit to the school now and in the future for years to come.

Matt Watts

Candidate 3:

Angela Cawley
My name is Angela Cawley and I am currently a Teacher of Business at Blackfen School for Girls. I started my teaching career at DSTC ten years ago after having three children. The youngest of these children, Elizabeth, has now joined year 7 and I would love to be part of this fantastic school once again. I think that I am an ideal candidate for this role due to my experience as a classroom teacher meaning that I understand the pressures that teachers are under.

In contrast, I am also aware that as a parent I want to make sure that my daughter is stretched in her lessons and able to maximise her learning potential during her time at DSTC. Having worked in two different schools I will be able to share my experiences that may enable DSTC to try something new and I am happy to challenge ideas so that our daughters are provided with the highest level of teaching possible.

In addition to the learning I am also passionate about extra-curricular activities and trips that provide our daughters with opportunities and new experiences that help them discover themselves and I will push for these to continue and develop further. Lastly as a Business Teacher I have a sound understanding of the importance of management and the role that this plays so that a strong culture is developed, which then means strategies can be implemented that meet the needs of the students and staff at the school.

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