July 8, 2020

Extended School

What is an extended school?

There is evidence that extended services can help to:

  • Improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance
  • Reduce exclusion rates
  • Better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning
  • Enhance children’s and families access to services

As a key way of delivering the Every Child Matters outcomes, an extended school works with the local authority, the local community and other schools to provide a range of opportunities for young people and their families.

This includes:

  • A range of lunch time and afterschool activities that focus on study support, sport, and music
  • Access to holiday activities either at DTC or other schools in Dartford. Our successful Summer School enables a smooth transition for Year 6 pupils to start Year 7 at DTC with confidence. We host activities for the cluster during the holidays including the successful Imagine You Can workshops
  • DSTC offers support to parents in the care and education of their child through parenting classes, Learning Mangers, an experienced Pastoral Support team and Parent Support Advisor
  • DSTC is widely used by the community for Drama, Badminton, Gymnastics, Archery, Hockey, Volleyball, Netball, Local History Society and a Line Dancing Group
  • DSTC works closely with the Red Cross, the Community Chef and other community groups
  • DSTC co-ordinated the successful Magical Nations programme which celebrated diversity amongst parents, students and the wider community