July 6, 2020

Parent’s Forum

The DSTC Parents Forum is a group of parents who have agreed to meet every six weeks to help the school

improve how it communicates with parents. The parent governors also attend this meeting to provide a link

with the governing body and the parents so that the issues raised will be followed up by the school

leadership. So far some of the issues that have been raised include: the quality of the guidance for parents

at the start of KS3 and KS4, the ease of accessing online reports, the use of email and much more. Please contact the email address below to send any suggestions, or contact Ms Y Harrison for

further details.

Ms Y Harrison


Minutes of Meetings

Parents Forum Mins_5th Feb 2013

Parents Forum Mins_19th Mar 2013

Parents Forum Mins_14th May 2013

Parents Forum Mins 16 July 2013

Parents Forum Mins 17 September 2013