August 4, 2020



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Kent and Medway Training KMT is a SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training) consortium of fifteen successful schools in the Kent and Medway areas, providing post graduates with the opportunity to train to become secondary school teachers


Helping Young People get on in Life. CXK provides a free confidential information, advice and guidance service to all 13 โ€“ 19 years olds in Kent. It also supports young people with learning difficulties or disabilities up to the age of 25.

CXK Personal Advisers work in school, colleges, the local community and town centre Access Points. They are professionally qualified to work with young people and offer a range of support on careers, education, training, jobs, as well as health, money, relationship or housing issues.


We can help your son/daughter with:
* Advice on their subject choices at Key Stage 3 (Years 9 and 10)
* Looking at their options after Year 11
* Looking for a job or Apprenticeship and help with writing their CV or preparing for an interview
* Information on local courses and training opportunities
* Support with on personal issues and would like to speak to someone in confidence
* Advice on the benefits that may be available
* Volunteering opportunities

You can contact Connexions through your son/daughter’s school or go to the CXK website



The PiXL Club is a collaboration of school leaders, headed by Sir John Rowling, this is a club that some have said to be “the best thing they have seen in education”. The PiXL Club is about sharing new ideas with school leaders; it is a partnership of focused, determined and dedicated professional practitioners. It is a not for profit organisation that focuses on supporting and developing the GCSE results of thousands of students in many schools across London, the South East, West and the North. You can read more about our aims and PiXL Principles here.