August 4, 2020

Sixth Form Grade Sheet Information

Sixth Form Grade Sheet Information

The Grade Sheet is split into sections

1 – ALPS Target Grade – These are generated from your daughter’s/son’s GCSE results and represent the Minimum Target Grade your daughter/son should achieve at the end of their courses.

Please note this grade will be the same for all subjects offered for that qualification type e.g. A Level or BTEC.

2 – Aspirational Target Grade – these grades represent a challenging target for your daughter/son to aspire towards.

3 – Predicted Grade – this is your daughter/sons predicted grade for each of their subjects and represents the grade we expect her to achieve in their A Level studies.

3 – Attainment Grade – This is your daughter’s/son’s current grade in each of their subjects.

A Level Grades are written as C1, C2 and C3 style. A ‘C1’ is a secure ‘C’, a ‘C2’ is a probable ‘C’ and a ‘C3’ is a possible ‘C’.

BTEC Grades are written as Pass (P), Merit (M) and Distinction (D) and follow the same find grading as above, i.e. ‘M1’ is a secure Merit.

4 – Attitude to Learning – The Attitude to Learning score is a measure of how hard your daughter/son is trying in her subjects. Please see table below for details.


5 – Independent Learning – Independent Learning is graded using the same scale as attitude to learning. This is a measure showing how well your daughter/son is working on her homework.