August 4, 2020

Sports Teams and Clubs


Here at DSTC we run a number of extra-curricular activities. The school is fortunate to have superb facilities as well as extensive links with local clubs which provide the students with a range of high quality, specialised sessions. We also play matches and take part in tournaments against local schools every term. For a full list of clubs, please see below.  If you would like your daughter to join one of these, please contact Miss Whittaker.

DSTC Active 100
Pupils can get rewarded for attending any of the extra-curricular PE and Dance clubs. At the start of the year they are given a DSTC Active 100 card and they can get a signature for every club they attend. After every 20 they get an award and these vary from certificates to sports vouchers, lunch with the PE Department, places on PE trips and sports equipment of their choice.

Sports LeadersJunior Girls Athletics TeamYr9 RoundersTrampolining






Here at DSTC we run a number of after school after school clubs.  For a full list of clubs, please see below.

Sports Clubs Spring 2020