January 22, 2020

Core Subject Enrichment

Information for parents and students

Core Subject Intervention (CSI)
Students are invited to attend CSI Intervention sessions (formally known as Essential 7) after school to support and extend the learning which has taken place in the classroom. At Key Stage 3, we aim to keep group sizes small so that students receive as much individual attention as possible. Academic Intervention has proved to be invaluable in enabling students to reach their full potential.

The sessions run in termly blocks of 5, 6, or 7 weeks (depending on the length of the term). If your daughter is invited to attend a CSI Intervention session (at any Key Stage), it is important that she attends on a regular basis to enable her to make the most of this valuable opportunity.

Enrichment Clubs
In addition to our programme CSI intervention after school, we offer a number of enrichment clubs during the CSI period (3.15pm to 4.05 pm). If your daughter is interested in attending any of our Enrichment sessions, she should simply go along to the timetabled club or speak to the member of staff in charge. We encourage our students to participate in as many enrichment activities as possible. This is seen as a vital part of the healthy development of each of our students.

CSI and E-Clubs Timetable