June 6, 2020

Key Stage 4

Welcome to all the Year 10 and Year 11 in Key Stage 4!

The next two years are very important and will determine your success in the future.
We want you to be successful and we aim to work with you and your parents/carers as a team in order to support your studies. Our aim is for you to aspire, learn and succeed.

As you know, most subjects have replaced coursework with controlled assessments which are tasks to be researched and completed by students during lessons, and which are externally assessed. You will need to work to deadlines in order to be fully prepared to undertake these controlled assessments. It is very important that these deadlines are met. Handing work in late or unfinished will affect your success in your GCSEs. Lunch time or after school subject clinics sessions are offered to you in order to help you. So don’t be shy and go!

As we get nearer your exams, whether they are in Year 10 or 11, there will be extra revision classes and online support. Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the USA said, By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

You will be constantly encouraged to work to meet and exceed high expectations and to achieve high standards, both academic and personal. Honesty, trust, reliability, respect for the legitimate rights of others, care for the weaker members of society, regard for the environment and a kindness towards other people are very important at DTC.

We believe that a calm, friendly, disciplined atmosphere, in which hard work and co-operation are respected, is the best way to promote these values.

Best wishes and we look forward to celebrating your success with you,
Mr Dix and Mademoiselle Gonzalez
Learning Managers of Y10 and Y11.