July 10, 2020

Sixth Form Life

Enrichment Activities

In addition to the courses studied at Level 3, all students participate in activities organised to widen their learning opportunities. These activities take place in designated lessons/times, as day courses and as visits. The Sixth Form community plays an active role in leading fund raising activities, ranging from specific Sixth Form activities to school based, local and national events. Some of the activities that Sixth Form students have undertaken include:

  • Acting as ambassadors at Open Evenings
  • Meeting with new staff and showing them the learning environment
  • Organising the end of year Prom
  • Helping with inter-house / form competitions and sporting events
  • Leading charitable fundraising events
  • Undertaking mentoring of younger students
  • Working with the new year 7 students at summer school
  • Taking a lead role in running the Student Council

Enrichment Opportunities

Each year the Sixth Form have the opportunity to become involved in a number of short courses to help them enrich and extend their skills and knowledge. This year students were able to complete a range of courses including:

  • First Aid and Sign Language Courses
  • Young Drivers
  • Survival Cookery
  • Community Sports Leadership Award
  • Voluntary Work
  • Stepping Up in collaboration with Kent University

Work Experience

Work experience is available to all students in the Sixth Form and the amount of work experience varies depending on the courses you are studying. Students on Vocational courses will have either one day per week or a block placement in an area directly related to your chosen courses. The approach we adopt towards work experience ensures that all students have sufficient time to plan their chosen career path and to find out more about the career they wish to follow.

Recognising Achievement

Great emphasis is placed upon recognising and rewarding the achievements of individuals or groups of students. The tracking and reporting system ensures that students and parents/carers always know where they are at in terms of their study and what they need to do next in order to achieve still further. Regular contact is maintained with parents/carers through written reports and consultation evenings. Good attendance is the key to success and is monitored closely by the form tutor. All students are required to attend daily. This includes Conference Days and some additional activities throughout the year.

The Sixth Form Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the student body and are an important part of the public face of the school. As such they are required to follow a dress code.

Sixth Form Study area

Students have private study sessions when they utilise the library and Sixth Form study areas.

Preparing for life after the Sixth Form

All students have individual or group careers interviews with tutors and the Connexions Advisor, or Careers Guidance. In addition a range of opportunities exists to attend conferences, and visit local companies. Form tutors are responsible for groups of Sixth Form students and are the first point of contact for advice and support in terms of careers guidance as well as other academic and social issues. Strong links with the University of Kent ensures that those students wishing to apply for a place at university are well supported through the application process. Time is provided through Enrichment lessons for students to explore a wide range of University options and the Head of Sixth Form ensures that every individual student is supported and guided through the process.