October 1, 2020


DSTC Now Has a You Tube Presence and you can find some of our student’s more interesting work here:

We shall also be featuring some creative work on this page:

The Death of Thomas à Becket:

Year 7s were asked to complete a piece of homework about the death of Thomas Becket. Abigail created a movie for her work. Really creative work, well done Abi!

Who Stole Mr Murphy’s Bike?:

To celebrate National Science and Engineering, DSTC have based this year’s theme around ‘invention and discovery’ focusing on the aspects of forensic science.

Irish Dancing:

DSTC ‘goes green’ in Assembly: Celebrating what it is to be Irish in aid of St Patricks Day

321 Blast off!!

The students from STEMNET club this week had a taste of what will be in store for the Science, Technology and Arts days.

The students helped Mr Essex assemble the rocket together and prepared it for launch. Here is a videoclip filmed by Emilie Gilbert.