September 18, 2020

Summer School

Dartford Science & Technology College

Summer School 2019

This year we celebrated our 21st  Summer School for the new Year 7 intake. They took part in a variety of activities and made lots of new friends.  We had a number of visits from Governors and staff who were pleased to see the students enjoying themselves.

Students participated in a variety of activities including “Bowl of light”, key rings and butterflies but also introduced new activities. A continued favourite was the speed stacking competition which the students took part very enthusiastically both as spectators and participants.
Each student was personally presented with an attendance certificate at the end of summer school.
Feedback from parents and students alike was very positive.
“My daughter enjoyed every minute of the summer school! She feels confident about her first day now as she has made lots of friends and the staff that attended this week have reassured her and put her mind at ease.  Thank you for a fantastic experience.”
“I have had a lovely time at summer school.  I enjoyed the activities and meeting new friends.  I can’t wait to see them all again.”
“Summer school, what a fantastic idea; it has made my daughter feel more confident and relaxed about starting school which has also made me feel more relaxed about her 1st day.”

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