September 18, 2020

Admissions Policy

Admission Arrangements 2021

Dartford Science & Technology College, being a maintained school, is required to work with the LEA Admissions Team to operate a scheme to co- ordinate admissions arrangements, as required by the Education Act 2002.

The Published Admission Number ( PAN) for DSTC is 150

 1  From Primary to Secondary

A package of information describes how Kent schools are organised and how to apply for a place at the school of the parent’s choice

Kent County Council is responsible for making sure:

  • that parents can express their preference for a school place for their child
  • that parents have access to the information which helps them to make up their minds
  • that every child is offered an appropriate school place

In addition, the various processes and timetable for admissions are explained fully to parents and the Area Education Office co-ordinate the timing of announcements. The intention being that an appropriate place is found for every child seeking one.

The Governing Body at Dartford Science & Technology College endorses these main principles and procedures. The Local Education Authority is required to wait until the completion of the Procedure for Entrance to Secondary Education before starting the allocation of places.

At Dartford Science & Technology College all parents within the area and from neighbouring areas are invited to attend an Open Evening where they have an opportunity to meet the Principal, the staff and pupils at work as well as tour the site. All such parents receive a copy of the College’s prospectus. Parents of applicants will complete a Common Application Form (CAF), provided by their Area Local Education Office, stating their school preferences. Upon admission, all parents are asked to complete a more detailed SIMS Data Collection Form.

2  Criteria for Admissions

On behalf of the Governing Body, this is the responsibility of the Principal and the Admissions Officer, in consultation with the Local Education Authority. Following an agreed admission, subsequent discussions with a member of the Leadership Team and Learning Manager determine the placing of the child/children within the year group.

In line with the Authority’s policy, the Governing Body supports the following criteria when determining admissions:

(1)  Children in Local Authority Care

(2)  Current Family Association

(3)  Health and Special Access Reasons

(4)  Nearness of children’s homes to college.

Special Educational Needs

When parents request a place for their child who has additional educational needs, the College will check whether the child has a Statement of Need or is currently undergoing a full assessment. If the child does have a Statement or is undergoing assessment, the case is referred directly to the Area Additional Educational Needs Manager, to ensure that the child’s needs can be met in the mainstream environment with the resources available.

3 Making a choice – concluding remarks

Dartford Science & Technology College recognises that choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions any parent will make.

The College publishes a prospectus which is available on the website. Parents of children in Years 7-12, already in secondary education, are invited to make an appointment to visit the College at any time. All prospective parents with children in Year 6 are invited to one of the Open Days and Evening in the Autumn Term.

The College prides itself upon the excellent relationship it has with its local primary schools, as well as with the links within the wider community where the College has an outstanding reputation for high standards of academic achievement and behaviour.