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Year 11


Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and critical times in your daughter’s education.   Having already embarked on their journey to achieving GCSE and/or vocational qualifications, Year 11 will complete that journey with the support of their subject teachers, Pastoral Leader and Raising Standards Leader.  At DSTC we pride ourselves on our curriculum provision and the support that we offer our students.

Year 11 students will be expected to maintain the high standards of behaviour required of all at DSTC. Their  behaviour and attitude should reflect the importance of this academic year and should include outstanding attendance and punctuality, engagement in lessons and a willingness to improve.  

This year will see students develop the much-needed skill of resilience.  Your daughter will be challenged to reach her full potential  and as part of that process, will learn that it is ok to make mistakes - as long as they learn from them!

Your daughter will be expected to extend her learning at home, particularly with practice exam questions and papers, and we thank parents for their support and encouragement with this. We look forward to a successful year ahead!

Year 11 Grade Sheet Information

The Grade Sheet is split into sections:


This is the projected grade your daughter could achieve based on the professional judegement of her teacher(s). Teachers will use a range of data to support this prediction, including but not limited to: end of topic tests, work in books, mock exams and 'PPEs', any coursework or controlled assessment completed and any completed module or unit assessments/exams.

Working At Grade

This consists of a number followed by a letter, the number corresponds to the level of attainment specific to each subject, the letter corresponds to the descriptors below:




Developing. Student has achieved all the knowledge and skills of the previous level and has begun to achieve some of the knowledge and skills at the current level.



Secure. Student has achieved at least half of the knowledge and skills required at the current level.



Mastered. Students are close to achieving all the knowledge and skills at the current level and will soon be working towards the next level.



Engagement in Learning Grade

The Engagement in Learning score is a measure of how hard your daughter is trying in her subjects. Please see table below.




Students at this level work exceptionally well both in lessons and at home. They are highly motivated and consistently produce classwork and homework of a high standard. Students proactively act upon feedback from teachers to improve their learning. Students frequently challenge themselves in lessons to improve.


Students at this level work consistently well both in lessons and at home. They are motivated and produce work of a good standard.Students are confident to use feedback from teachers to improve their learning, sometimes with guidance/prompting. Students may challenge themselves in lessons although this may be more evident in areas they are more confident.


Students at this level generally work well, however there may be inconsistencies between lesson and homework. Students can lack motivation and may need redirecting back to tasks by the teacher. Homework may be completed, but not necessarily to the best of their ability, given in on time or occasionally missed. Students produce some work of a good standard but this can be inconsistent. Feedback from teachers is available, however students may not make full use of it in their next learning task.



Students at this level are often off task and require monitoring by the teacher to ensure concentration and completion of work. Tasks are rarely completed to an acceptable standard. Homework is usually a concern.

This is a cause for concern.