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KS5 Careers (Years 12 & 13)

Careers guidance is a vital part of the sixth form experience at DSTC.  Students have support from expert Form Tutors and subject teachers in making decisions about their future, whether they plan to go on to higher education, to an apprenticeship or out to work.

During Post 16, our students benefit from exceptional support in relation to their transition from school to Higher and Further Education through step-by-step advice and guidance through the UCAS application process, applying for higher and degree level apprenticeships, personal statement writing workshops, interview preparation and one-to-one sessions.

They also have access to high quality specialised guidance from qualified careers, university and apprenticeship advisors.  Appointments can be made with a careers advisor from CXK.

Students undertake a one-week employability programme in June of Year 12. This includes workshops and support with the UCAS process, careers talks and activities from a variety of local and national employers followed by one week's work experience with an employer of their choice.

Students are encouraged to find their own work experience placement in an area they are interested in. Advice and guidance is available to all students to help them find suitable employers.

They are also encouraged to build a portfolio of work or volunteer experience during their two years in the Sixth Form to help with decision-making, develop employability skills, and prepare for university or job applications.

In the summer term of Year 12, students start to focus on the major decisions ahead with visits from university ambassadors, apprentice trainers, and employers to ensure they consider all options. They are also encouraged to attend university open days or employer insight events.

How can Teachers support Careers Advice?

Around our school, there are displays dedicated to careers within subjects. Our staff have worked hard to ensure these are relevant and accessible to our students.

Our teachers are available to impart any advice they have regarding careers in their subject areas. Ask them about careers relating to their subject.

Teachers can also provide resources and information to help you read around a chosen career path

Next Steps to Higher Education.

At DSTC, we support our students with Higher Education (HE) choices from Year 7 to Year 13. As students begin to plan their Post-16 choices, it is vital that have a clear idea of how this will impact on HE choices. We continue to offer support from a wide variety of HE institutions.

DSTC has a wide-range of HE institutions that we work with, including the University of Kent, University of Greenwich, University College London (UCL) and Canterbury Christchurch University. We work alongside each institution to provide our year 7,8 and 9 students with meaningful HE experiences, both physical and virtual. This supports our students in making informed choices as they progress through each year at DSTC

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Canterbury Christ Church University |

University of Greenwich | University Alliance