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Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Apprenticeships and Technical Education routes are an extremely viable option for students and should be considered as Post 16 destinations. Apprenticeships allow a student to learn whilst experiencing the world of work, and be paid too. At DSTC, we have a number of staff who are able to offer apprenticeship advice across the Post 16 and Careers team. T Levels are a 2-year qualification that you can do after GCSEs as an alternative to A levels, other post-16 courses or an apprenticeship. They have been designed with leading businesses and employers.

We firstly recommend that you read the official advice about both of these routes. You can find out more below by clicking the relevant buttons.


There are so many websites containing apprenticeships that it can be difficult to know where to start. We would always recommend you start with the "Kent Training and Apprenticeships" website and the main government database:

Below is a very helpful documents from The National Apprenticeship Service. This is recommended reading and will help you understand the range of Apprenticeships available.

In addition, we will always have a copy of the "Amazing Apprenticeships" booklet supported by the National Apprenticeship Service in the downloads section below. We have also included 2 very useful publications on male and female apprenticeships below.

In addition, there are some excellent resources and additional links from CXK in this link:

"Amazing Apprenticeships" also provides a parent podcast that can support making choices:

Technical Education:

If you have any questions, please contact addressing your email to Mrs P Smith or Mr M Allen in the Careers team.