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Work Experience and VWEX

Parents, Carers and Students should read the following information to ensure that they have a good idea of what is expected in WEX and VWEX.

One of the challenges of educating students is ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary skills to face the world of work.

For students, work experience provides an insight into the working world, teaches them more about what to expect of life after school and provides a valuable addition to their CV, personal or application statement. For some, it will also provide an exciting opportunity to gain an insight into a specific career in which they are interested. For employers, students undertaking placements provide flexible, extra support for their work and help establish relationships with young, local talent. In some cases, placements result in further periods of work experience and employment.

At DSTC, students undertake two separate periods of work experience:

  • A one-week placement in the Summer term of Year 10
  • A one-week placement in the Summer term of Year 12

In recent years DSTC students have undertaken placements at organisations across a wide range of placements including: local Primary Schools; Dental Practices; Darent Valley Hospital; Care Homes; Lloyds & Barclays Banks; Insurance Groups; Accountancy Firms and the Port of London Authority.

What is VWEX?

VWEX is 'Virtual Work Experience'. In 2021, DSTC made the decision to offer VWEX in lieu of "normal" work experience for the academic year. VWEX comprises of employer encounters over the Internet, as virtual tours, interviews, research and projects. This meant that students could still benefit from employer experiences, but safely in their homes.

Employers also enhance our careers education programme by running workshops, and supporting enterprise activities, plus offering work experience and work shadowing placements.

We also arrange meets with further and higher education providers, and apprenticeship providers, to ensure pupils understand the full range of learning opportunities available to them.

If you are an employer who is interested in taking a work experience student, please contact DSTC’s Work Experience Coordinator, Mrs Smith: