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DSTC: Ofsted Outcome

We have some AMAZING news. As you know we recently had our Ofsted inspection and were judged as GOOD!

Some of the key quotes in the report were:

* DSTC is a welcoming and friendly school

* There is a strong sense of community based on excellent relationships between staff, pupils and parents

* The school is a safe place for pupils to learn and develop

* Pupils are encouraged to develop their own unique character and independence

* Sixth-form students play an active part in the life of the school

* Leaders set demanding standards

* The school has high expectations of pupils behaviour, as a result pupils behave very well

* School leaders have designed an ambitious curriculum that prepares pupils well for adult life

* Sixth-form courses prepare students well for the next steps in education

* All subjects encourage deep and independent thinking

* Teachers have detailed subject knowledge

* Teaching is adapted effectively to give pupils extra help when needed

* Robust systems support students with special educational needs and/or disabilities

* Pupils get strong careers advice

* Strong student leadership programmes encourage qualities that pupils will need as adults

* Safeguarding is very well led and managed

* Governors provide expert oversight

Mrs Davis said: “I am immensely proud of all my staff, students, parents and governors who contributed to the process. Everyone here works exceptionally hard so that students who attend DSTC are educated and empowered. In feedback given through the process many areas of strengths were identified and The Parent View survey showed incredible support with 85% of respondents saying they would recommend the school to other parents and 87% strongly agreed/agreed their child was happy here and that their child did well. 100% of staff said they are proud to work here.”

The full report can be read <<< HERE >>>