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Grade Sheet Information

1 - Minimum Expected Grade

This represents the minimum grade your daughter should achieve by the term stated, in order to be making Expected Progress from her baseline data, including CAT4 score and subject specific baseline assessments.

2 - Attainment Grade

This is your daughter’s current grade in each of her subjects.

3 - Engagement in Learning

The Engagement in Learning score is a measure of how hard your daughter is trying in her subjects. Please see table below.




Students at this level work exceptionally well both in lessons and at home. They are highly motivated and consistently produce classwork and homework of a high standard. Students proactively act upon feedback from teachers to improve their learning. Students frequently challenge themselves in lessons to improve.


Students at this level work consistently well both in lessons and at home. They are motivated and produce work of a good standard.Students are confident to use feedback from teachers to improve their learning, sometimes with guidance/prompting. Students may challenge themselves in lessons although this may be more evident in areas they are more confident.


Students at this level generally work well, however there may be inconsistencies between lesson and homework. Students can lack motivation and may need redirecting back to tasks by the teacher. Homework may be completed, but not necessarily to the best of their ability, given in on time or occasionally missed. Students produce some work of a good standard but this can be inconsistent. Feedback from teachers is available, however students may not make full use of it in their next learning task.


Students at this level are often off task and require monitoring by the teacher to ensure concentration and completion of work. Tasks are rarely completed to an acceptable standard. Homework is usually a concern.

This is a cause for concern.