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DSTC - COVID Information

DSTC has temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Please read below

This section of the website will help you navigate between all letters and key documents relating to our temporary closure. Please use the links below to find each document. This includes the FAQ sheet that we have created to help answer several common queries.

We would like to thank the families of DSTC for being so supportive and understanding during this difficult time.

Please can you contact the attendance officer at, if your child tests positive for Covid - 19. 

We have a duty of care to our community whilst off and it might make a difference in relation to a group who may need to self isolate.

Click <<<<HERE>>>> to download our FAQ regarding the temporary closure.


Letters relating to the temporary closure:

1) Letter to all parents: Covid Case

2) Letter to all parents: Covid Case - 2

3) Letter regarding the closure of the Year 9 bubble

4) Letter: Whole school closure

5) Wellbeing services: Whole School

6) Wellbeing services: Post 16

7) Letter to all parents: Year 7

8) DSTC return: 23rd November 2020

9) Home College Agreement: Amendment 2020-21 COVID-19

10) Letter - All parents covid closure 26 11 20

11) Letter - Closure of Year 7 bubble 26 11 20

12) DSTC Christmas Support FSM 2020 - 27.11.20

13) COVID update 03 12 20